Sunday 2 September 2018

The Flaw In All Things.

Mistakes, failure and imperfection have created revolutionary inventions and happy accidents.
Did you know that mistakes have led to the discovery of penicillin (antibiotic drug to fight bacteria), aspirin, X-ray, velcro, inkjet printer, microwave oven, cornflakes, potato chips and coca-cola! There are many other discoveries too, which were explored by mistakes and imperfections.

Think of yourself as the character Karnak from Marvel's Inhumans. 
Karnak has the extrasensory ability to sense a weak point in any object or person around him. By applying pressure or hitting the weak points, he can down enemies stronger than him, or break seemingly invincible objects.
That is - calculate flaws in all things, select the best where you have the edge of winning and then execute it.
Do you find it cool? Yes, it is, in battle times.
However, trust me, it's not a superpower in civil life to find flaws in all things. Even Karnak himself defines it a curse upon himself which he didn't get it from Mutagenic Terrigenesis but created for himself by learning his sh*t off at Tower of Wisdom. As he doesn't make mistakes, he never fails. He is perfect.

In the game of chess, he is unable to make a first move as there is no perfect first move.

If you woke up and found everything went exactly the way you wanted it to be.
A Perfect Day!
There would be no challenges, no surprises, no failures, no winning, no growth.
Psst. Life would be dull!

The act of trying our best is different from the act of pushing ourselves to perfection. 

Let's give ourselves a pep talk and remind ourselves of this:
Our imperfections, and our ability to deal with what happens when we are outside of our comfort zone, is what will truly impress people and surprise ourselves.
It's okay to be imperfect.

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