Sunday 9 December 2018

Not Robots, it is Humans vs. Humans

A lot of articles, debates, lectures, TED talks, etc. have covered about history and science of the relationship between humans and machines. I am going to summarize the history of it (of course basis my readings of summaries of other historians and scientists) and conclude my opinion. 

Discovering fire and wheel have been the mother of all inventions. Since then, our race has been innovating to survive better.
Better agriculture methods were developed which lead to the beginning of Agricultural revolution in mid 17th century. It caused increase in food supply which lead to increase in human population.
Another revolution in parallel was the Financial revolution which marked changes in management techniques, mediums of exchange, negotiable instruments, etc.
Every work was through manual labour and the stomach and hands kept increasing. So did disguised employment (where productivity remained same despite increase in workforce).

Industrial revolution from 1760 was the big bang for machines. New machines were being developed over multiple centuries. During this time period, skilled laborers came to run engineered machines effectively. A shift of labour from agriculture and small scale manufacturing to large scale industries.

The second Industrial revolution (or called as the Technological revolution) made information storage, information transmission and computation power possible through data storage devices, optical communication and computers. A demand for another kind of skilled labour got generated requiring skills in insurance, banking, legal services, computer programming, research, etc. A fall in industry sector skilled labour set off by increase in service sector skilled labour.

Internet! It came into our lives with all the e-services and wiped out millions of service and support jobs. The Digital revolution, an ongoing phenomenon, has taken devices from wire to wireless, information at speech of few words, storage in cloud, robotic process automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc. creating technological jobs.

It is truly a sign of our privilege that we can live in air-conditioned rooms, flick through devices that give us access to all of human-kind's knowledge and still complain that manual labour is being eradicated.

It's clear that things aren't going back to the way they once were. This just means we have to learn to adapt. As we know from history unless it gets written differently in future, jobs won't end and they will keep on being directed towards new types of jobs. It wasn't ever Humans vs. Machines, it has always been Humans vs. Humans. 

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Friday 19 October 2018

"Follow your bliss" is crap talk

*** This is not to motivate or demotivate you. I expect you to read my perspective -> understand it -> make a choice for yourself (follow / unfollow / do nothing). *** 

When you seek guidance from people who you look up to, they tend to give advice in short and simple words "Follow your passion" / "Follow your bliss" / "Find your calling".
Sounds easy, right? It may not be so.

There are people who think they know their calling and aren't committed to it: 
It will be very difficult if your passion isn't your strength. You will more likely feel the urge to give up when the challenges and failures pop up.
Did you observe? It is about the commitment to follow your passion and not just following your passion.

There are people who think professions define passions: 
In ZNMD movie, Laila is a deep sea diving instructor and Arjun is a financial broker.
Arjun prioritized money and took relationships for granted. Laila cherished meeting new people.
A person being passionate about financial brokering can prioritize relationships over money.
Did you observe? It is about the kind of person you are and not passions or professions you are into.

There are people who are following their passion and still aren't content: 
I recently visited Rishikesh with my friends to explore adventure activities like Cliff Jump, River Rafting and Bungee Jump.
The instructors were helpful and focused on guiding us through the adventure activities. And, this was their everyday life - following their own passion.
Sounds great, right? It may not be so.
It was monotonous for them, similar to those working at their desks on computers.
Did you observe? It is about being interested yourself and not being monotonous.

So what do you do? Follow your strengths! 

Again, this sounds easy, right? It may not be so. How do you do it?
Commit yourself to develop your strengths and make it your profession; 
Live fullest to your strengths and be a good happy human; and 
Keep exploring new avenues to contribute with your strengths. 

It is totally okay to not have your passion as your profession. 
However, it is of utmost importance to have your strength as your profession. 
Because it is fun to win. It is fun to be one of the best. Passion can still be there and be of leisure. 

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Sunday 2 September 2018

The Flaw In All Things.

Mistakes, failure and imperfection have created revolutionary inventions and happy accidents.
Did you know that mistakes have led to the discovery of penicillin (antibiotic drug to fight bacteria), aspirin, X-ray, velcro, inkjet printer, microwave oven, cornflakes, potato chips and coca-cola! There are many other discoveries too, which were explored by mistakes and imperfections.

Think of yourself as the character Karnak from Marvel's Inhumans. 
Karnak has the extrasensory ability to sense a weak point in any object or person around him. By applying pressure or hitting the weak points, he can down enemies stronger than him, or break seemingly invincible objects.
That is - calculate flaws in all things, select the best where you have the edge of winning and then execute it.
Do you find it cool? Yes, it is, in battle times.
However, trust me, it's not a superpower in civil life to find flaws in all things. Even Karnak himself defines it a curse upon himself which he didn't get it from Mutagenic Terrigenesis but created for himself by learning his sh*t off at Tower of Wisdom. As he doesn't make mistakes, he never fails. He is perfect.

In the game of chess, he is unable to make a first move as there is no perfect first move.

If you woke up and found everything went exactly the way you wanted it to be.
A Perfect Day!
There would be no challenges, no surprises, no failures, no winning, no growth.
Psst. Life would be dull!

The act of trying our best is different from the act of pushing ourselves to perfection. 

Let's give ourselves a pep talk and remind ourselves of this:
Our imperfections, and our ability to deal with what happens when we are outside of our comfort zone, is what will truly impress people and surprise ourselves.
It's okay to be imperfect.

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Sunday 29 July 2018

It's Strange!

This is a post of light humor to my collection of gyaan blog posts. It's strange, I get it! 
Apart from this, there are strange stuff surrounding us and here are my observations on some of them: 

1. Names: 
Our parents pick a sound that identifies us for the rest of our lives. Uncanny, right? I understand, but better than a bell on the neck! 

2. Fingers: 
Arms get split into further little arms, we are taught to call them - fingers. Accept it, do not overthink on it. 

3. Clapping: 
We smash our hands together to express our delight. Come on, there ought to be a better way to express it. 

4. Birthdays: 
We are celebrating the fact that we are approaching our death with another year being ticked off the calendar. Clap! Clap! 

5. Trains: 
If you think about it, we are basically sitting inside a metal box with hundreds of strangers and moving around. Ohkay! 

6. Lollipops and Chewing Gum: 
Chewing gum and sucking lollipops is really just eating flavored saliva. I definitely got you on this!

7. Justice & Politics: 
If you lie to government, it's felony. If government lies to you, it's politics. That's unfair and weird! 

Do add your #strange #unusal #weird #awkward #funny #freaky observations in the comments section. 
Have a nice day! 

Sunday 6 May 2018

Taking the wheel

Basic skill of driving a car -  done. Yo !

One of the bad dreams in my childhood days, which I fairly even remember, was:
A wolf at a jungle is chasing me, while I manage to reach the car and sit in it. After thinking very much, I conclude that the only way out is to drive it. However, I do not even know to move it. And, I wake up with regret.
Now I know, if that dream turns out to be a reality at least I will manage to drive out from there. 
(hoping that the car is in working condition and with sufficient fuel :P )

As for the future, a road trip is on the bucket list. But for now, let's read on my learning footprint -

Though I have learnt the technical aspects of the basic driving and continuously practicing it, there are some takeaways I would like to share:

1. Drive to drive:
During my motor training school sessions, due to the way the pick up & drop is functioned, I happened to meet an old man aged 45, a girl who is 18 and a newly wed couple around 27. What was common?
They had a drive (willingness) to drive. Age is just a number.

2. Midtown Madness is not real:
A car is a weapon in my hand and I can't go on a rampage in real life.
Unlike games, lives and responsibilities are real. Also, there is no second life here for me.

3. Practice makes a person perfect:
Getting a driving license does not make me a driver. It is not the end, it is just the beginning.
The universal truth on "practice" beholds here too.
Every drive makes me better at it. Every drive teaches me something new and there is no end to it.

4. Be a good driver:
A good driver is the one who drives smoothly and safely.
Safe, here, means not only driving the car safely but also keeping a safe distance from others.
As life has a tendency to punish us for the mistakes of others, be a good driver.

5. Keep calm and follow the routine:
Check on the outside of the car -> Get in it -> Check on the inside -> Fasten the seat belt -> Start the car -> Take it out -> Enjoy the drive -> Believe that every other driver on the road is an absolute idiot -> Say some cuss words -> Park the car -> Stop the car -> Check on the inside -> Get out of it -> Check on the outside of the car

Radhe Krishna Motor Training School
Vimal C. Jain - My mother's brother for his car

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P.S.: Basic skill of driving a motorbike ...pending 

Saturday 24 February 2018

Corporate yourself

A well functioning company is made up of several functions and departments.
It is run by it's mission and vision.
Driven by it's culture, values and ethics.
It partners with shareholders, employees, banks, vendors and customers.
So does a human being, don't we?

Drilling down further..
Like we dream to be a doctor or C.A. or choreographer or musician, a company has it's vision statement.
Like any human would define it's goals and approach to achieve them, it is a company's mission statement.

A company would normally have departments/outsourced agencies carrying out functions like Purchase, Manufacture, Sales, Accounts, Finance, H.R., I.T. , etc. 
Each function has many things common to learn from but there are unique things which make them important individually.  

So my learning footprint at each function goes as follows: 

Purchasing - Evaluate your needs and luxuries, Observe the market and Buy at the best bargain;

Manufacturing - Learn about processes and look for improvements. Nothing achieves it's full potential, there is always scope for improvement;

Selling - Just don't communicate with people but win them over;

Accounting - Keep note of your past good and bad decisions and the good and bad in people around you, it will help you in future to make more informed decisions;

Finance - Keep track and take good care of your 3 healths, which are - mental, physical and financial. Do make sure that if either goes out of shape then it will affect the others too;

Human Resources - Be nice to people and help them out. It is okay to ask for help and be willing to help too.

Information Technology - Nothing is permanent. Everything is updating and you cannot live in denial. Be aware, equip yourself and move ahead.

Corporate yourself, but stay humane.
As human beings are unique due to the quality of being human.

Have a nice day! :)

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