Sunday 29 July 2018

It's Strange!

This is a post of light humor to my collection of gyaan blog posts. It's strange, I get it! 
Apart from this, there are strange stuff surrounding us and here are my observations on some of them: 

1. Names: 
Our parents pick a sound that identifies us for the rest of our lives. Uncanny, right? I understand, but better than a bell on the neck! 

2. Fingers: 
Arms get split into further little arms, we are taught to call them - fingers. Accept it, do not overthink on it. 

3. Clapping: 
We smash our hands together to express our delight. Come on, there ought to be a better way to express it. 

4. Birthdays: 
We are celebrating the fact that we are approaching our death with another year being ticked off the calendar. Clap! Clap! 

5. Trains: 
If you think about it, we are basically sitting inside a metal box with hundreds of strangers and moving around. Ohkay! 

6. Lollipops and Chewing Gum: 
Chewing gum and sucking lollipops is really just eating flavored saliva. I definitely got you on this!

7. Justice & Politics: 
If you lie to government, it's felony. If government lies to you, it's politics. That's unfair and weird! 

Do add your #strange #unusal #weird #awkward #funny #freaky observations in the comments section. 
Have a nice day! 

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