Sunday 6 May 2018

Taking the wheel

Basic skill of driving a car -  done. Yo !

One of the bad dreams in my childhood days, which I fairly even remember, was:
A wolf at a jungle is chasing me, while I manage to reach the car and sit in it. After thinking very much, I conclude that the only way out is to drive it. However, I do not even know to move it. And, I wake up with regret.
Now I know, if that dream turns out to be a reality at least I will manage to drive out from there. 
(hoping that the car is in working condition and with sufficient fuel :P )

As for the future, a road trip is on the bucket list. But for now, let's read on my learning footprint -

Though I have learnt the technical aspects of the basic driving and continuously practicing it, there are some takeaways I would like to share:

1. Drive to drive:
During my motor training school sessions, due to the way the pick up & drop is functioned, I happened to meet an old man aged 45, a girl who is 18 and a newly wed couple around 27. What was common?
They had a drive (willingness) to drive. Age is just a number.

2. Midtown Madness is not real:
A car is a weapon in my hand and I can't go on a rampage in real life.
Unlike games, lives and responsibilities are real. Also, there is no second life here for me.

3. Practice makes a person perfect:
Getting a driving license does not make me a driver. It is not the end, it is just the beginning.
The universal truth on "practice" beholds here too.
Every drive makes me better at it. Every drive teaches me something new and there is no end to it.

4. Be a good driver:
A good driver is the one who drives smoothly and safely.
Safe, here, means not only driving the car safely but also keeping a safe distance from others.
As life has a tendency to punish us for the mistakes of others, be a good driver.

5. Keep calm and follow the routine:
Check on the outside of the car -> Get in it -> Check on the inside -> Fasten the seat belt -> Start the car -> Take it out -> Enjoy the drive -> Believe that every other driver on the road is an absolute idiot -> Say some cuss words -> Park the car -> Stop the car -> Check on the inside -> Get out of it -> Check on the outside of the car

Radhe Krishna Motor Training School
Vimal C. Jain - My mother's brother for his car

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P.S.: Basic skill of driving a motorbike ...pending 


  1. Haha... One more basic thing, never try learning in your own car. Borrow from somebody just like u did.. ;)

  2. I used to be able to find good advice from your articles.

  3. And a very important one...never learn with your will always end up fighting.

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