Saturday 24 February 2018

Corporate yourself

A well functioning company is made up of several functions and departments.
It is run by it's mission and vision.
Driven by it's culture, values and ethics.
It partners with shareholders, employees, banks, vendors and customers.
So does a human being, don't we?

Drilling down further..
Like we dream to be a doctor or C.A. or choreographer or musician, a company has it's vision statement.
Like any human would define it's goals and approach to achieve them, it is a company's mission statement.

A company would normally have departments/outsourced agencies carrying out functions like Purchase, Manufacture, Sales, Accounts, Finance, H.R., I.T. , etc. 
Each function has many things common to learn from but there are unique things which make them important individually.  

So my learning footprint at each function goes as follows: 

Purchasing - Evaluate your needs and luxuries, Observe the market and Buy at the best bargain;

Manufacturing - Learn about processes and look for improvements. Nothing achieves it's full potential, there is always scope for improvement;

Selling - Just don't communicate with people but win them over;

Accounting - Keep note of your past good and bad decisions and the good and bad in people around you, it will help you in future to make more informed decisions;

Finance - Keep track and take good care of your 3 healths, which are - mental, physical and financial. Do make sure that if either goes out of shape then it will affect the others too;

Human Resources - Be nice to people and help them out. It is okay to ask for help and be willing to help too.

Information Technology - Nothing is permanent. Everything is updating and you cannot live in denial. Be aware, equip yourself and move ahead.

Corporate yourself, but stay humane.
As human beings are unique due to the quality of being human.

Have a nice day! :)

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