Sunday 31 March 2019

Part of the journey is the END

Part of the journey is the END.. as quoted by character Tony Stark/Iron man in Trailer of 'Avengers: End Game' movie. (Read earlier blog post "Thank you - Marvel, DC and Fox") 
It simply means 'Endings are part of the journey.'
This 40th blog post being the ending of my blog writing journey.

Closure is important -be it in relationships, resigning from job and so on.
Thinking about a closure blog post, I settle for answering 3 questions relating to my blog and give a thank you note.

1. Why it started in first place? 

Extract from my 1st blog post "Life, Mathematics and Finance": 

I started out with lesser known non-fiction facts. However, after I published my 2nd blog post, thereon I wanted it to be a record of my own learning- My learning footprint.
Writing became a tool for me to learn, explore and become self-aware.
It was a way for me to project my thoughts onto a blank canvas and then take a step back to observe my thinking patterns and the way I expressed them.

-quoted by David McCullough, Author 
It felt a lot better knowing that my reason is to educate myself and people like me. People who have an unquenchable desire to learn.
(Read my earlier blog post "Don't stereotype me for th!s") 

2. Why the closure? 

Statistics speak for themselves.
The count of my blog posts are 24 (in 2016), 9 (in 2017) and 6 (in 2018).
Multiple factors contribute to the fall, which all boil down to one facet- Change in priorities.
Accepting rather than regretting to not able to find time to write blog is closure for me here.
(Read my earlier blog post "'Pick your own ending") 

3. What next? 

They say, every ending has a new beginning.
Writing, Thinking and Learning does not stop with the closure of the blog, for me.
Can't say about distant or near future, however currently, I am focusing on cycling to help de-clutter my mind and seek peace.
Taking weekend swim lessons too. Also, hoping to take the wheel, again (Read my earlier blog post "Taking the wheel"). 
Upgrading myself professionally on daily basis in many ways and last but not the least giving due time to my sleep, family and friends. (Read my earlier blog post "The Human Recharge")

Thank you friends for reading my blogs. 
Hope they enlightened you in a way as they did for me. 
All blog posts will continue to stay at " " and accessible anytime from anywhere. 

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