Friday 19 October 2018

"Follow your bliss" is crap talk

*** This is not to motivate or demotivate you. I expect you to read my perspective -> understand it -> make a choice for yourself (follow / unfollow / do nothing). *** 

When you seek guidance from people who you look up to, they tend to give advice in short and simple words "Follow your passion" / "Follow your bliss" / "Find your calling".
Sounds easy, right? It may not be so.

There are people who think they know their calling and aren't committed to it: 
It will be very difficult if your passion isn't your strength. You will more likely feel the urge to give up when the challenges and failures pop up.
Did you observe? It is about the commitment to follow your passion and not just following your passion.

There are people who think professions define passions: 
In ZNMD movie, Laila is a deep sea diving instructor and Arjun is a financial broker.
Arjun prioritized money and took relationships for granted. Laila cherished meeting new people.
A person being passionate about financial brokering can prioritize relationships over money.
Did you observe? It is about the kind of person you are and not passions or professions you are into.

There are people who are following their passion and still aren't content: 
I recently visited Rishikesh with my friends to explore adventure activities like Cliff Jump, River Rafting and Bungee Jump.
The instructors were helpful and focused on guiding us through the adventure activities. And, this was their everyday life - following their own passion.
Sounds great, right? It may not be so.
It was monotonous for them, similar to those working at their desks on computers.
Did you observe? It is about being interested yourself and not being monotonous.

So what do you do? Follow your strengths! 

Again, this sounds easy, right? It may not be so. How do you do it?
Commit yourself to develop your strengths and make it your profession; 
Live fullest to your strengths and be a good happy human; and 
Keep exploring new avenues to contribute with your strengths. 

It is totally okay to not have your passion as your profession. 
However, it is of utmost importance to have your strength as your profession. 
Because it is fun to win. It is fun to be one of the best. Passion can still be there and be of leisure. 

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