Tuesday 29 March 2016

The Ego of Everything

The Ego of Everything

Somewhere climbing up the ladder of passion, money, power and/or fame takes a toll on us. And then, someone comes across us and says that you have ego or you are being egoistic.
(A lot might be said for e.g. being too proud, selfish, arrogant, over-confident, etc. But as of now I would emphasize on ‘Ego’.)

What is this ego?

The ‘I’ or self of any person (ego is latin for ‘I’).
It is that part of you that defines itself as a personality and separates itself from the rest of the nature.

What is ego perceived as in general?

Ego is evil.
It is also perceived to be equal to being selfish, arrogant and over-confident.
A person with egocentric trait would complain frequently, argue and fight with others, be defensive whenever criticized, have a hard-time apologizing, be impatient and/or be judgemental to others.

How to test the ego in you?

Ask yourself this 2 questions:
1.      Do I feel superior to others?
2.      Do I feel inferior to others?

If the answer to either of the above questions is ‘yes’ then it is probable that your ego must be ruling yourself.

Is a trait of being egocentric all negative?

Positive ego gives you an ambition to be the best in your field.
Negative ego gives you an ambition to be the only person in your field.

How to take control of the ego in you?

The idea is not to get rid-off the ego or to punish it, but simply to give the ego some less responsibility. Apart from meditation, following points needs to be followed:
1)      Stop being offended,
2)      Let go of the need to win (Self-worth is not always associated with winning),
3)      Let go of the need to be right (You can be happy or you can be right!),
4)      Let go of the need to have more (It is never enough for the ego), and
5)      Let go of your reputation (Reputation lies in the minds of others and you have no control over it.
       So, let others debate over it).

=> Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. The sustained state of positivity in our mind will, over time, create our environment.
In such a world ‘ego’ would lose its meaning and we will regain access to the beauty of what our minds can be to the service of all life.
Happiness is a choice. Choose wisely!


Subject to my knowledge and understanding, I have formed my own questions and opinions.
These may or may not be in agreement with your opinions, as it is a matter of subjectivity and perception.


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