Sunday 23 October 2016

Zero Talent

*The below might be a play of negative words, but request to read it in an optimistic way.*

The literal meaning of Talent is 'natural aptitude or skill'.
But the real world uses the word 'Talent' in contradiction to the amount of practice that has been performed in order to develop the observed skills.

It is an insult. It says, “You have skills that in my judgment, you did not earn.”
Isn’t it a much greater ‘gift’ to have worked hard at developing a skill?
I don't mean that nurture has completely conquered nature.

We need to be educated in the ways of being happy.
We are raised to believe that success is equal to being the best.
Being the best is a term used for those who work hard and have potental out of the ordinary.
So talent does not exist but Einstein, Ussain Bolt, Sachin Tendulkar, etc exist.
They became so good because they loved and passionately dedicated their life to something that matched their abilities, body structure, mental preparation, environment to nurture their passion and love for the activity.

Most of us don't really discover what we love ever so we are merely average people who have average results. It is fine. But it doesn't mean to give up or feel low about. Develop, improve and be happy of yourself.

Talent may mean to possess a natural aptitude or skill but it also includes an inborn talent to work hard and develop the aptitude or skill which is not naturally bestowed upon.