Saturday 29 July 2017

Thank you - Marvel, DC and Fox !

It started from the world of comics - Marvel and DC.
I was never into it, like I have never been to a deep sea.

But I have definitely travelled to all three movie universes -

MCU of Marvel Studios,

DCEU of Warner Bros and

XMCU of 20th Century Fox.

By watching it all religiously, like a singer improving his vox.

For some it is the same superhero flick:
A superhuman freak,
Saving the world and the chic,
By giving the villain a kick.

For me each fictional hero brings in a different moment of joy and learning experience.
As I have grown up alongside them that has it's own significance.

From Captain America's leadership
To Thor's humility,
It reminds me to be selfless even when in power.

From Iron Man's continuous improvements and innovations
To Batman's guts to battle with Gods,
I got to know that I am no less and it ain't over until it's over.

From Wonder Woman's disbelief in war
To Professor X's belief to embrace yourself and be proud of it,
It taught me that it is not what you deserve, it is what you believe which matters.

From Magneto's quote:
"There are no heroes or villains.
There's just what I want & how will I get it."
To Ancient One's quote:
"We never lose our demons.
We only learn to live above them.",
It has enlightened me to accept myself and also accept the people around me for who they are.

All movies and it's characters have given me a lesson for life - which is - 
It is all about making yourself a better being and to help others to become better too, so that we can have a better world to live in. 

Thank you - Marvel, DC and Fox !
- #Fan

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