Saturday 16 September 2017

Pick your own ending

I never would have guessed that the experience of playing games would have such a great impact on my life.
A game might seem an unlikely place to discover good deep life lessons. But what is life? It is an elaborate choose your own adventure.

We use our wits and wisdom to strategize. 
Choose to fight the battle. 
Try to level up. 
As it is a journey of the ultimate quest. 
But it is also the daily struggle. 

Alike to games, in life, somewhat beginnings are easy but endings are hard.
When you make a choice, be it games or life, either you will:
gain the objective (the happy ending) or
lose the objective (unhappy ending) or
gain the objective but lose something more valuable (classic tragedy) or
sacrifice the objective for a greater good.

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves that life is an adventure. We are in control of which path we take, where our story will go next and how will it end.


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