Saturday 18 April 2020

Friendship Aaj Kal

The friendship stories of Krishna-Sudama from ancient India have taught various friendship lessons. One lesson defines the meaning of true friendship
Sudama: Dosti ka matlab kya hai ? 
Krishna: Jaha 'matlab' hota hai, waha dosti kaha hoti hai. 

According to Aristotle (Greek philosopher and polymath), there are 3 types of friendships: 
1. friendship based on utility 
2. friendship based on pleasure or delight  
3. friendship grounded in virtue 

Having said that, it does not mean friendships based on utility and pleasure in good faith are bad. They are just an imperfect form of friendship but are vital for survival, social skills and growth. 

Friendship Aaj Kal (nowadays) knows no geographical, cultural, religious or social boundaries. It knows no age. Friendships are cross-generational too. It knows no boundaries. 
Even a nature of a friend can be varied. A friend can take a hat for you in the form of a parenting one, loyal one, a fearless adventurer, a honest confidant, a wise mentor, a polar opposite, a different culture, a neighbour, a work pal, an emotional one, an intelligent one, one who is always hungry πŸ˜‹, one who is always lateπŸ˜… and/or a BFF one😊. 
It is a relationship not bestowed upon by birth. Friendships are chosen.

In childhood, it was more about proximity, sharing and common activities. 
That's when Ronit, Jekin, Srushti and Ritika became my friends and stayed. 

In adolescence, it was about sharing, frankness, supporting each other and shared values. 
That's when Rutvi, Ritu, Mayank, Gurjyot, Harsh, Vatsal and Vama became my friends and stayed. 

Friendship Aaj Kal for me in adulthood is about companionship, affection, emotional support, improved health and self esteem. Here, I have 11 meaningless friendships. πŸ˜„ I mean 11 (matlabi bina ki) true friendships. They are friends from my childhood/adolescence to adulthood. I hope and wish that it continues to evolve in mid-life and senior years to the end of my life and beyond. 

To all of you, 
Keep celebrating the friends you wouldn’t trade for anything, the ones who make life’s journey so much easier, better and more interesting. 

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  1. Friendship is a very precious thing for everyone and the way you wrote this blog is commendable..🀝🀝

  2. Love you too aashu❤️😍😬

  3. Wow... Good way of showing that har ek Friend kamina but zururi hota hai ! ��